Xbox has partnered with the Alpine F1 team -.

Gaming is gaining traction in the world of Formula 1. Between currently having two major licensed game series (Codemaster’s F1 series and Frontier’s F1 Manager series), we’ve also seen several teams exploring partnerships with gaming-centric brands. In the past this has included Alfa Romeo partnering with Kick, and in the future Alpine will partner with Xbox.

According to an Xbox Wire Post, the collaboration will kick off during the Japanese Grand Prix later this week, and Alpine’s cars and the paddock will be emblazoned with Xbox and PC Game Pass logos. To add to this, there will be activations throughout the F1 season that will attempt to engage Alpine and Xbox fans.

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This is not mentioned in terms of the value of the deal, but we are told that it is a multi-year deal and that Xbox is now named Alpine’s official console partner.

Xbox has partnered with the Alpine F1 team

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