World’s largest single-site solar farm is now online -.

As we move ever closer to the COP28 environmental summit, the United Arab Emirates (which will host the summit) has now activated what is now the largest solar farm in the world. Al-Dhafra is capable of producing 2 gigawatts of power, the farm would be able to power nearly 200,000 homes and eliminate 2.4 million tons of carbon annually, while covering a massive 22 miles and boasting four million solar panels.

This park means that the UAE’s gigawatt output for solar power has increased to 3.2 GW. The country also plans to continue expanding this effort and eventually reach a target of 14 GW by 2030, with plans for more solar farms, including a 1.4 GW branch near Abu Dhabi.

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During COP28, world leaders will travel to the UAE between Nov. 30 and Dec. 12, all to continue discussing and striving for better environmental efforts around the world.

World's largest single-site solar farm is now online

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