World’s largest hydrogen-electric plane completed a 10-minute maiden voyage -.

As we move toward a cleaner world, there has been a lot of pressure on transportation companies.
– and the technology they use – to make vehicles that use no fossil fuels, leave no carbon emissions trail, and so on. To this end, the British government has funded a research program with ZeroAvia to build an aircraft called the HyFlyer II, which recently saw the creation of a 19-seat twin-engine aircraft, the Dornier 228, powered by an environmentally friendly hydrogen-electric power source.

The plane recently completed its maiden voyage, taking off from cotswold airport in the United Kingdom and then circling for about 10 minutes before landing again. It did all this while being powered by compressed gaseous hydrogen made by an on-site electrolyser.

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It must be said that the flight was not fully renewable powered, as the Dornier 228 is also equipped with an ordinary engine that is used to generate additional power during takeoff and can be used if there are safety concerns regarding the hydrogen-electric main engine.

Catch the flight below in action.


World's largest hydrogen-electric plane completed ten-minute maiden voyage

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