World’s first flying car is available for pre-order –

If you ask anyone what they think the near future will look like, one of their first answers would often be that flying cars would shoot around above their heads. Now that picture of the future is getting closer to reality, as Alef Aeronautics has begun the pre-order process for its flying car.

The Model A claims to be able to drive normally on the street and then take off vertically. It is a bold claim, but it has been approved by the Federal Aviation Administration, which does give the company some legitimacy.

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It is also an all-electric vehicle, and CEO Jim Dukhovny believes it is a pioneer in making the future a reality. “Although there have been pioneers such as Terrafugia, Paul Moller and Henry Ford, this is the first time a vehicle, in the traditional sense (parks and drives like a car, functions like a car, looks like a car), has been allowed to fly,” Dukhovny told USA Today.

The car is expected to cost $300,000, and you need $150 to put yourself on the pre-order list, and then a $1,500 deposit if you want priority access.

Would you try a flying car?

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World's first flying car is available for pre-order

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