Woman, enraged by gift she received at Secret Santa

It’s hard to give the perfect Secret Santa gift, especially since the budgets required for such events are usually small. So many people try to buy an item that makes a big impression, even though it’s cheap.

One woman mother, however, was not happy with the funny Secret Santa gift she received, calling it “really unpleasant”. She recounted the experience on an online platform.

The woman received an adult coloring book called Go F**k Yourself, I’m Colouring. It includes offensive words to colour in, such as “SL*T” or “SH*T”.

“I was quite offended that anyone thought this was a suitable gift for a 50-year-old female colleague in a professional environment,” she wrote.

Many people agreed with the woman. Some even suggested she take the book to the human resources department.

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Not everyone supports her reaction, however. The $6 book is an extremely popular one on Amazon and has a very good rating, 4.6 stars out of a possible 5, received from over 9,200 people. “It was definitely given in a funny spirit,” commented one person.

Others said that this is how Secret Santa is and that the woman shouldn’t do anything: “I wouldn’t take it personally and do nothing. Secret Santa is a nightmare for a lot of reasons.”

Secret Santa gift ideas

Codes of Manners offers those looking to give inspirational gifts some helpful tips. “A gift should be thought of, bought, wrapped, given. It must be beautiful, useful and give real pleasure to the recipient,” explains Aurelia Marinescu in her book, The Code of Good Manners Today.

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The main rule is not to give gifts that are too expensive. It’s good to give items that the recipients will actually use frequently. For example, with men, multi-tools almost never fail, and with women, cosmetics wrapped in a creative way, like the globe below, designed especially for Secret Santa.

Something practical and useful for both sexes can be a phone holder.

If you know what your co-worker’s big passion is, then you won’t go wrong with an item that relates to that passion. A Star Trek fan will definitely be happy if they get a keychain with the Starship Enterprise.

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