Withings puts an analysis lab in the users’ toilet: U-Scan

WIthings, a company known for health monitoring devices, is now offering a new device to help users learn more about the state of their bodies. In addition to smart watches and smart scales, the French manufacturer is now launching U-Scan, a toilet sensor that can provide urine analysis, similar to what you might get from a medical lab.

The U-Scan comes in different versions with multiple functions

The U-Scan device is not much different in shape from a toilet deodorant and can easily be hung from any ordinary dish. It is 90mm in diameter and should be positioned in an area where it comes into contact with the user’s urine. When its sensor detects urine, it activates a pump that pulls some of the liquid inside. Here, the device analyses the liquid using chemical reactions with paper that can detect various substances.

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The device can be loaded with various types of tests, but in this case it can detect kidney problems or bladder cancer.

There is also a U-Scan Cycle Scan version dedicated to women and menstrual cycle monitoring. This model can provide predictions about when it starts, ovulation period, the user’s hydration level, etc. Another version, U-Scan Nutri Balance, provides information about nutrition, looking at body water levels, nutrient levels, metabolism and vitamin C levels.

withings u-scan

For results, the device analysis is sent via Wi-Fi to a server. The information is then available in the mobile app. Incidentally, U-Scan devices are smart enough to distinguish between different family members to give each their own results.

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Withings claims that this information is well-secured, GDPR-compliant, and its servers will always be in France, where the company is incorporated. The price is €499 with a test cartridge. Cartridges will cost €30 individually, and the launch is scheduled for the second quarter of 2023. The device has a three-month battery life, charges via USB and will require a new test cartridge once power is recharged.

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