With these Playboy loafers, you can take your pin-ups on the go -.

Looks like a businessman spun a random wheel again, because now we have a combination of Playboy pin-ups and shoes? It didn’t seem to make much sense to us at first, but as is the case with most things, if you put a “limited edition” sticker on them, you will definitely attract buyers.

The collection comes from Duke + Dexter, and consists of a few different loafer designs. Most of them feature scantily clad women somehow, and the design really depends on how tastefully it is included. There is also the 1988 cover penny loafer, which makes it look like you have a disembodied face on your shoes.

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Depending on how big a fan you are of loafers, you might want to check out this collection. Be warned though, the prices can get a bit high, with most shoes going for £260. Still, that’s not too expensive for those collectors out there.

These Playboy loafers let you take your pin-ups on the go

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