With the offer for the Corsair K95 keyboard you can click comfort

Corsair has made a name for itself in the gaming peripheral space, and the K95 RGB Platinum keyboard lives up to that reputation. And this strong input device is now particularly interesting for you, since you can currently get it at a really cheap deal. Instead of the RRP of 219.99 euros you pay only 130€ and saves a whole 41 percent!

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With clicks for comfort

The K95 RGB Platinum XT is an impressive keyboard. It is made of black anodized aluminum and thus offers a high degree of robustness and stability.

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It also uses Cherry MX Speed ​​switches, recognized in the gaming community for their performance and reliability. They offer fast and precise input, which is particularly advantageous in equally fast and action-packed games. And, of course, they offer the usual clicking noise that mechanical keyboards are known for!

There are six programmable macro keys on the left side of the keyboard that can provide fast and comfortable typing. These keys allow specific commands or key combinations to be assigned to a single key, which can be useful in many games or applications.

Another interesting feature of the K95 is the key-adjustable RGB backlighting and the LightEdge on top of the keyboard. It allows a variety of adjustments to the coloring and lighting effects, allowing you to customize the look.

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To the offer on Amazon

How well does she do in comparison?

Of course, the Corsair K95 is not the only mechanical keyboard. In the following purchase advice you will find out what else the market offers and what advantages and disadvantages the various devices have.

As always, you can find more gaming and technology deals in the deal ticker, which keeps you up to date on exciting new offers and also enables you to stay informed about the currently cheapest prices!

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