The developer Opera announces a Pro version of its VPN service, covering the rest of the installed applications

Offered for a long time in the free VPN version, the browsing session anonymization service in the Opera browser will now be available in the Pro version as well, protecting the rest of the applications installed on your Android phone. Everything without the need to install a dedicated application other than the Opera browser.

Unlike other more sophisticated VPN services, the Opera integrated browser allows only the random selection of a VPN server located in a few locations in the United States, Europe, or Asia, effectively anonymizing the user’s actual location. Although not as versatile as some of the dedicated solutions offered for a fee, the VPN solution provided to Opera users is generally sufficient to reasonably anonymize your web browsing session. Without access to the real IP address, or at least to establish the country of origin, imposing content restrictions and filtering web addresses is much more difficult.

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However, using a VPN client does not automatically stop monitoring your browsing habits through the services we use on a voluntary basis, such as social networking and Google products. Thus, for complete anonymity, we should avoid authenticating with any of the services to which we have previously declined our identity and periodically delete your browsing history to remove cookies.

Addressing especially users already satisfied with the free VPN solution, Opera also announces the availability of a VPN Pro subscription, which for a monthly fee of $ 2 (in case of advance payment for the next three months) also offers secure internet traffic from other Android applications. As a bonus, subscribers also receive priority access to “high-speed VPN servers”, which should also provide sufficient flexibility for more demanding activities, such as file downloads. In addition, VPN Pro subscribers are left with the option to enable data-saving mode, for more efficient use of slow or limited mobile internet connections in terms of included traffic.

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In order to access the VPN Pro subscription option, you must install at least Opera for Android Beta 68.2 on a phone or tablet equipped with at least Android 6.0.

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