With the new electric grills you cook like a Masterchef BBQ even in the block kitchen! (P)

Today we will discover together a professional electric grill model that offers all BBQ enthusiasts a unique indoor cooking experience, whether it’s the kitchen or even your balcony on the block. Get ready to cook juicy meat, tender fish or crispy vegetables on the grill, quickly and safely with the new electric Weber grill! More than a cooking device, it is an innovative concept of Weber Antracit grills, equipped with IGrill temperature control system, which set the tone for a new standard on the market for indoor or outdoor grills.

So, get acquainted with some of the most famous models of electric grills produced worldwide, also available in the catalog of Pefoc craftsmen:

WEBER Q1400 electric grill

If you are not a fan of the charcoal grill, the Weber Q1400 offers you a number of essential benefits for a proper food cooking process! It has advantages in terms of both efficiency and design, being provided with a dark gray lid that acts like a real magnet and retains the original aroma of the grill!

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Electric grill WEBER Q2400 Anthracite

Meet the more advanced version of the Weber Q1400, which offers the ideal mix between the original aroma of the grill and the modern lifestyle, adapted to our days! The heat reflector in the grill lid guarantees a uniform heat distribution on the grilled food, like a classic garden oven, contributing to a deep and correct preparation of meat, vegetables or other types of culinary delights!

WEBER Q2400 Anthracite electric grill with stand

Thanks to its compact dimensions as well as the concept of operation based on electricity, the Q2400 model provided with support, becomes the ideal product for customers who want to enjoy a delicious grill, but who do not benefit from an extensive space. Due to its high power as well as high efficiency, it allows a uniform cooking of food, keeping the unmistakable taste of the grill.

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Advantages and benefits of Weber Q electric grills:

  • the presence of the porcelain cooking grill, made of porcelain, with an easy and fast cleaning;
  • the grills show maximum performance, thanks to the large heating capacity;
  • comfortable use and easy transport;
  • offers increased durability over time, thanks to the aluminum cover and housing;
  • endowment with support and side tables, improves the use of the grill;
  • innovative look with slightly rounded design lines, expressing elegance and style;
  • Weber electric grills are ideal for balcony or terrace;
  • it has an internal temperature control knob and an electric spiral self-cleaning system;
  • the structure is made of fiberglass, coated in nylon, resistant to high temperatures without rusting over time.

So, if you want a premium electric grill at a price that fits your family budget, the selection of Weber professional electric grills is the answer to your search. Easily and safely used, even on the balcony or terrace of your home, they offer a variety of options with innovative properties. Enjoy well-cooked dishes and delicious flavors with an advanced device that will revolutionize everything you knew about conventional grill cooking!

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