Witchfire Trailer shows the spells and the four main elements – That’s Gaming

At the Future Games Show Spring Showcase, Witchfire by The Astronauts got to see new details and gameplay. No early access release date was revealed, but it is coming soon. However, we did learn more about the spells and the four core elements.

Designer Karol Krok explained that there are light and heavy spells. The former requires less stamina, but the latter causes more damage. The elements – Fire, Water, Earth and Air – include many spells, each with unique properties. Fire causes enemies to take more damage, while Air spells can chain lightning between enemies.

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They also work with each other. Hit an enemy with a Fire spell, then with an Air spell and shoot at them. The extra damage from the Fire spell will chain to nearby enemies thanks to the Air spell. Other spells include the Cursed Phantom Bell, which paralyzes enemies when the bell rings.

Witchfire is coming to the Epic Games Store.

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