Windows 11 has received a new update that fixes performance issues in video games

The release of major update 22H2 for Windows 11 was not without its problems. Gamers suffered the most from this update, as performance in some video games was significantly affected. Now, almost two months later, Microsoft is starting beta testing of a new update that should fix the video game problem.

Windows 11 22H2 decreases performance in some video games

Microsoft fixed the problem with this update at the time by blocking certain systems, which would be affected by these issues, from this update package. Thus, gamers using Windows 11 are likely still on the older version of the operating system.

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It appears that this update affects certain video games that use the graphics chip’s ad-hoc access features, which are not made for use in completed games, but only for testing. However, since the developers of these games do not use the functions in DirectX correctly, Microsoft has found a workaround to allow these functions without affecting performance.

The update that fixes the problem is not yet in its final stages, marked as KB2020044 “preview”, but you don’t have to be part of the Insiders program to access it. You just need to manually check for updates via Windows Update and choose it for installation from the list of available updates.

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As we’ve become accustomed to, however, Microsoft doesn’t seem to rigorously test these major updates, with some of them affecting the PCs they’re installed on in unexpected ways. Several similar situations we’ve encountered with Windows 10, and Windows 11 at launch had serious performance issues on all AMD processor systems. The best advice is that when Microsoft releases a new operating system or major new version, wait a bit before installing.

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