EU requires phone batteries to be easier to change –

Often it’s just easier to get a new phone instead of trying to make major changes to the one you have. This is by the design of Apple and other phone companies because they want you to get the latest phone for its flashy new features instead of sticking to your old mobile device.

However, EU legislation is looking to change that, as the European Parliament voted to have all devices ship with easily replaceable batteries. The EU hopes this will contribute to sustainability and be a more consumer-friendly practice.

The only problem is that these laws take effect in 2027, which means we will have to wait quite a long time to replace the batteries in our phones. On the other hand, this time will allow the EU to create some profound requirements within these new laws, some of which are already covered. We won’t need tools, for example, to replace these batteries.

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EU requires phone batteries to be easier to change

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