Who could have predicted this? The value of Donald Trump trading cards is soaring! Mockery of his “major announcement” failed to stop the dramatic rise in card prices

Opensea statistics, three days after the sale, show that the floor value of the Trump NFT trading card collection is now 0.49 ether, or about $578.

Trump trading cards sold, value quadruples on Opensea, left-wing political commentators outraged.

Donald Trump once said in 2019 that he was not a fan of bitcoin (BTC), and now the former president has leveraged blockchain technology to release his NFT trading cards. The 45,000-card collection site features images of Trump dressed as Superman, an astronaut, a cowboy, and many other designs. However, there have been accusations that the team behind Trump’s NFTs used stock images from Shutterstock and left Shutterstock watermarks on the NFT photos.

Despite the claims, Trump’s NFT cards have been very popular over the past 24 hours, statistics from cryptoslam.io show that Trump’s collection is the second largest in terms of sales behind Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC). Trump NFT sales have increased by 50.19% in the last 24 hours and sales have reached $3,597,251. This $3.5 million in sales came from 4,749 transactions, 1,839 buyers and 2,155 sellers.

On Opensea, the current floor value for Trump’s NFT cards is about 0.49 ether or $578, which is more than 4 times the original price of $99 when the sale was launched. There are about 15,811 owners of Trump NFT cards, 35% of which are sole owners, according to Opensea data from December 18, 2022. One user owns about 1,000 Trump NFT cards and is the largest holder of the entire collection. Some individuals have stated the unknown owner of Trump’s FNT with 1,000 cards is Donald Trump himself.

Of course, Trump’s NFT trading cards have caused an uproar from left-wing political pundits since the 45th U.S. president made his announcement. Current U.S. President Joe Biden mocked Donald Trump in a press release. tweet Who says Biden “has made MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENTS in the last two weeks“, using all caps like Trump. Left-wing political commentator Lindy Li also mocked Trump’s NFT announcement, when she said stated::

Trump’s big announcement was that he was selling NFTs. Melania’s big ad was that she was selling an NFT for $185,000. Ivanka’s big ad was promoting Goya beans. Don Jr’s big ad was selling cameos for $500. The most pathetic family to ever occupy the White House.

Other leftists, such as former New York Times (NYT) writer Kurt Eichenwald, have attempted to expose Trump’s NFT enterprise. Eichenwald published a blog post on his Substack that asserts that “Trump’s trading card scam is worse than you think“. Eichenwald found that shell companies are associated with a company called NFT International LLC. The former NYT columnist also linked this company to some people with negative reputations, but in the end, Eichenwald concluded that “none of this means that NFT International is crooked.

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