WhatsApp is testing a feature that allows you to save messages that are intended to disappear after being viewed

WhatsApp has introduced the function of dissapearing messages as a way to guarantee the privacy of messages. It’s just that the system works a little too well, showing users a way to send messages that are really safe from prying eyes.

Trying to rectify this “shortcoming”, the Meta administrator prepares a function that cancels the first one, offering the recipients a way to keep the messages received privately, with certain constraints. Thus, the attempt to save a message will be sent as a request to the sender’s address, the latter will decide when to allow or not to keep that message. Probably, when used without being fully understood, the setting for keeping messages received in sessions with the disappearing message option checked will be a source of intrigue among the participants in the conversation.

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However, being an experiment, it would seem that WhatsApp is considering presenting this option and unilaterally, only for the recipient of the message, in the idea of ​​facilitating the storage “for posterity” of received messages. In this case, however, there will also be the Undo option, which allows you to drop messages that are only temporarily stored.

It remains to be seen whether at least one of the interpretations of this feature will reach the official version of the WhatsApp client, the existence of a test stage offering no guarantees regarding the possible large-scale implementation.

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