What the new Pixel 7 looks like, disassembled down to the last component VIDEO

Prepped with a new chipset, the Tensor G2, the Pixel 7 is the slightly more sparsely equipped but more easily repairable version of the top-of-the-line Pixel 7 Pro.

With guaranteed access to three major android updates and up to 5 years extended support through access to essential security patches, the Pixel 7 series is a tempting option for those looking for a smartphone they won’t be parting with anytime soon.

The Pixel 7 comes with an improved design, though not radically different from that displayed on the predecessor Pixel 6.

Starting with a comparison against the rival iPhone 14, the analysis focusing on the accessibility of repair interventions draws an unflattering conclusion for Google. After years of criticism, Apple has listened and changed the design of the iPhone 14, making it much easier to do the usual repairs like replacing the screen, the glass cover on the back, or the battery. At the same time, the main internal iPhone components are now modular.

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Earning a repairability score of 6/10 points, compared to 7/10 points on the iPhone 14, the Pixel 7 is decried for the way the failure-prone USB-C port comes glued to the phone’s electronics board.

The disassembly starts with the removal of the screen, exposing the fingerprint sensor that comes glued to the back of the screen. There is also a fairly large graphite foil that ensures the heat generated by the electronics board is transferred to the battery area, thus facilitating more efficient dissipation.

Another gripe keeps replacing the battery, another common repair for phones older than 1-2 years. Basically, to replace the battery you have to go through several layers of self-adhesive foil, which may lose its heat dissipation properties when reapplied. Provided with adhesive tear strip, the battery is relatively easy to remove.

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Further, the clip continues with unscrewing and removing the base plate. We can see at this stage the replacement of the thermally conductive patch with thermally conductive paste, which is much more efficient with taking heat away from the chipset and RAM area.

Compared to the base model, the Pixel 7 Pro variant scored a 5/10 repairability score, and was additionally decried for difficult access to the electronics board.

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