What new movies and series will launch on Disney+ in January 2023

The Disney+ streaming service has announced the new releases it will receive next January. These include new original productions, films that have recently been in cinemas, cartoons from famous series and documentaries. Disney+ seems to offer something for everyone, from the little ones, who will enjoy productions in the Disney and Pixar categories, to adults, who can find plenty of movies on the Stars channel.

Here’s what new productions will be coming to Disney+ over the next few weeks.


  • January 11, all episodes will be released simultaneously

A true crime story, “Welcome to Chippendales” chronicles the scandalous life of Somen “Steve” Banerjee, an Indian immigrant who became the unlikely founder of the world’s largest dance empire… and let nothing stand in his way.

welcome to chipendales


Amsterdam, from acclaimed director David O. Russell, is an original crime epic about three close friends who find themselves at the center of one of the most shocking secret plots in American history. Set in the 1930s, this fascinating and complex story brilliantly blends historical fact with fiction for a satisfying cinematic experience. The three friends at the heart of the story are a doctor and a lawyer, both World War I veterans wounded in combat, and the nurse who cared for them both at a hospital in Belgium. The trio made a pact in Amsterdam and vowed to always be there for each other. Years later, they reunite in New York, where they are falsely accused of murder and unwittingly become part of a global conspiracy.


  • January 25, all episodes will be released simultaneously
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Welcome to a world where everyone over 18 gets a superpower. Except for Jen, who is 25 and feels the world has gotten ahead of her. Fortunately, her flatmates, Carrie, Kash and a mysterious homeless man, won’t let her feel sorry for herself forever. Wandering in a big, confusing world and armed with a dash of hope and a lot of despair, Jen tries to find her possible superpower, an odyssey in which she might discover the joy of being just somewhat normal.

ATLANTA, Season 4

Season 4 introduces “Earn” (Donald Glover), “Alfred ‘Paper Boy’ Miles” (Brian Tyree Henry), “Darius” (LaKeith Stanfield) and “Van” (Zazie Beetz) back to their hometown. But the question is, has Atlanta changed or have they? The series “Atlanta” is produced by Donald Glover, Stephen Glover, Hiro Murai, Stefani Robinson, Paul Simms, Dianne McGuingle and FX Productions.


Defenders of the Land

Partially filmed by the Uru-eu-wau-wau people over several years, “Defenders of the Territory” offers an authentic portrait of the daily life and struggle of the indigenous community in the Brazilian Amazon. With stunning cinematography that showcases the dramatic landscape and rich soundscapes, the film introduces audiences deeply into the precious ecosystem they struggle to protect. Since the Uru-eu-wau-wau were first contacted by the Brazilian government in 1981, their territory has become an island of green jungle surrounded by farms and ranches – the result of four decades of illegal deforestation. The community has had to deal with environmentally destructive, often violent incursions into their sovereign territory by foreigners who want to exploit the area. Illegal logging incursions and deforestation have become more frequent and brazen over time.


Several months have passed since the events on Kamino, and the Bad Batch continues its journey through the Empire after the collapse of the Republic. They will meet friends and foes, both new and familiar, taking on various mercenary missions, ending up in unexpected and dangerous new places.

star wars bad batch


Tony Award darling Idina Menzel’s successful career includes unforgettable roles on Broadway and the legendary role of Elsa in Disney’s animated “Frozen”. However, she has yet to fulfil one of her dreams, to perform at Madison Square Garden in her hometown of New York. Disney Branded Television and Ideal Partners bring you this upbeat and inspiring documentary about Idina Menzel as you’ve never seen her before. In Idina Menzel: The Road to the Stage, over the course of a grueling 16-show national tour, director Anne McCabe follows Menzel as she juggles her role as a mother and an artist preparing to finally fulfill her dream. Some scenes contain strobe effects and may affect viewers with photosensitivity.

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For over 90 years, Abbey Road Studio has been at the heart of the music industry. In this personal film of memories and discoveries, Mary McCartney guides us through nine decades to see and experience the creative magic that made the studio the most famous and enduring in the world. From classical to pop, film music to hip-hop, If the Walls Were Singing explores the breadth, diversity and ingenuity of Abbey Road Studio.


  • January 9, all episodes will be released simultaneously

“Koala Man” follows the story of Kevin, a middle-aged father with a somewhat secret identity, whose only superpower is a burning passion for obeying the rules and eradicating petty crime in Dapto City. Though it resembles any other Australian suburb, forces of evil, both cosmic and human, can’t wait to strike down the unsuspecting Daptonians. Determined to put his hometown in order, and often enlisting his already frustrated relatives in his adventures, Koala Man is ready. He’ll do whatever it takes to defeat criminal masterminds, supernatural horrors, or worse, villains who don’t take their trash cans out on the appointed day.


  • January 18, all episodes will be released simultaneously

Thirteen years after Satan unwillingly impregnated her, a mother and Antichrist, her daughter, try to live an ordinary life in Delaware. The two are always in trouble with monstrous forces, including Satan, who wants guardianship of his daughter’s soul.

However, Disney+ advises that these dates are for informational purposes only and that changes may occur in the release schedule.

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