What it’s like to see Lisa from The Simpsons “in the flesh” at D23 Expo, Disney’s biggest event

If you’re a “childhood fan” of The Simpsons, you most likely wanted to attend the special, Disney-branded D23 Expo 2022 event.

While the notion of The Simpsons isn’t exactly revelatory to the Disney universe, being new to the “team” got its own presentation on September 10 at D23 Expo 2022, the biggest event dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the “stories”.

The PlayTech team is currently in Anaheim, California, home of D23.

What it was like at The Simpsons panel – perhaps the funniest of them all

If you haven’t checked the internet by now to see what the actress who voices Lisa Simpsons, the cute “nerd” from the aforementioned animation, looks like, find out that she’s played by actress Yeardley Smith, who was obviously one of the panelists.

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“I have to somehow squeeze my throat to do this,” Smith confessed at the D23 Expo, just after giving a sample of the voice she attributed to Lisa for years.

Yeardley Smith – the voice of Lisa Simpson

The first really funny moment of the morning was when Smith, the host of the event, asked Matt Groening to give a one-word answer to a series of questions, and then later, to make a mash-up of those words to point out how an alien should be told what The Simpsons is: the answer was obviously one that no one expected, being more of an awkward dadaism than an answer in itself. Even so, it elicited roars from the room.

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Also here, the audience got to see the premiere of a short The Simpsons – Disney Princess crossover.

And because it had to somehow tie in with D23, The Simpsons didn’t miss the opportunity to poke fun at Marvel, presenting a series of crossovers in which, obviously, the hero is Homer himself, but adapted for Moon Knight or even Deadpool.

Homer Simpson, interacting with the audience – a first for The Simpsons

All in all, meeting Lisa “in the flesh” was truly a thrill, the feeling of being in the same room with the woman who voiced one of everyone’s favorite characters for so many years was also unparalleled.

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