What does it mean when the T line on an antigen test comes out very fuzzy?

The explosion of cases of the different variants of omicron has caused almost all of us to be resubmitted to a antigen test in recent weeks. The operation of this self-diagnostic test seems straightforward but there is one circumstance that can mislead or mislead misinterpretation of the result.

The first thing to check is that the C (control) line is well marked. It is the indicator that the test is well done.

For a case to be considered as positive on the test device, the following must appear. line C and line T. But many times the line of the T is blurred, barely visible at times. How should it be interpreted?

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At the beginning or at the end of the infection

The package inserts of the tests sold in pharmacies make it abundantly clear: it is. positive. In case the T line appears not as defined as the C line, it may mean that the patient is at the beginning or at the end of the infectious process, so he/she would have less viral load.

But let it be clear: it is positive, and you have to proceed to follow the recommendations of the health authorities in case of infection. It is advisable, however, repeat the test after two or three days.

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On this occasion, if the T line appears more visible, it is at the height of the infection. If it is not visible, the first test was performed when the patient was already over covid. It is already negative.

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