We have continued with unboxings, now people want to see the wrapping –

It can be hard to keep up with the endless fast-paced trends on the Internet these days. Once upon a time, people loved to watch unboxing videos, but now, as Wired reports, it seems the trend has reversed and now people want to watch videos of packing.

Videos with the hashtag packing orders currently have a collective 9 billion views on TikTok and mostly consist of brands showing custom orders they have made for customers. Pamela Rutledge, a media psychologist who has previously written about unboxing, says that packing videos are “has all the appeal of unboxing, plus the knowledge that what you’re watching is special to you.”

Some companies even manage to make some extra money for their packaging videos. Brittney Applegate charges customers an extra $8 to see their order packaged for them. However, she claims it’s not about the money, and charging just allows her to pack more orders per day without filming them all.

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Are you a fan of packing videos?

We have continued unboxings, now people want to see packing

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