WarioWare: Move It – A guide to unlocking Pyoro W

WarioWare titles may be mostly about microgames, but as you progress, they all hide more elaborate minigames, gadgets and other quirky activities as extras. Perhaps the most beloved unlockable for fans is Pyoro, the minigame that began with the bird stretching a long, reptilian tongue diagonally to grab some seeds, but which we’ve seen do all sorts of things since the first Mega Microgame$! including spitting seeds and, more recently, becoming a giant boss in WarioWare: Get it Together.

In the highly ingenious WarioWare: Move It, now available on the Nintendo Switch, the bird reaches its latest evolution in the form of Pyoro W, another fantastic minigame related to the new volume’s specific features.

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WarioWare: Move It

How to unlock Pyoro W

Fans of the WarioWare series can probably guess by now, because here you have to do exactly the same thing as in many previous volumes. To play Pyoro W, you must have seen and played every microgame of the 200+ offered at least once.

And how do you do that? During the game’s natural progression in story mode, you already come a long way in terms of attempted microgames, as all of these second-long challenges are reclassified based on the different characters that make up the “plot” (which simultaneously include the different starting stances), as stops on the island. However, to see each of the 223 microgames in WarioWare: Move It, you must play each character multiple times, as you cannot see them all during your first run.

Why? Because every stop in story mode ends with defeating each character’s final boss, and so it’s mathematically impossible for you to see all the microgames at once when their rounds are about 15-20 microgames with some extra repetition. Once you complete each character in story mode, you can revisit their adventure, and then the sequence of microgames will become infinite, with the difficulty and speed occasionally increasing.

If you want to know which characters you have already completed, don’t look at the map, because unfortunately the game doesn’t show you there – instead, you have to enter the museum to see it. Inside, each completed character is marked with a star, and if someone doesn’t, you can see how many microgames you’ve missed.

WarioWare: Move It list of characters

(In order of appearance in story mode – they all have 21 microgames except Wario, who only has 13).

  • Canton Wario
  • Mona
  • Crygor, Penny and Mike
  • Ashley and Red
  • Canton Orbulon
  • Cat and Ana
  • Cricket and mantis
  • Jimmy T
  • Dribbling and spitting
  • 9 Volts
  • Volcano Wario

Okay… so how do I get to see the microgames I’m missing? There’s no secret technique to find the ones you haven’t played yet, but in reality, if you use the credits , you have enough skills to easily play character rounds of 30+ microgames. At 2-3 tries, it is usually enough to see them all, given the certain random element.

  • Tip: If you just saw that microgame you missed and don’t feel like continuing to play that same character because it gets tiring or boring, you can exit the game as soon as you see it and it will already be on display in the museum.

When each character shows a star, Pyoro W will finally be available on the map. Let’s play!

How do you play Pyoro W?

In Pyoro W, you control how two parallel islands slope into rectangular platforms by tilting your respective Joy-Con controllers. Check out our first attempt at the game to understand the mechanics regarding enemy types, fat or slender rolling Pyoro, multipliers, petals and more:

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