Warhaven releases this fall, demo also confirmed – That’s Gaming

Nexon’s free fantasy brawler Warhaven has made a good impression every time it has been shown, and recently we caught a glimpse of its 16-by-16 brawler action at the Future Games Show Summer Showcase 2023.

With several game modes, tactical and dynamic short-range combat, and pretty epic special abilities to work toward, Warhaven looks to be an interesting twist on the fantasy brawler formula that fans of the genre will want to keep their eye on. Check out the trailer below.

Meanwhile, Nexon has also confirmed a release date window for the game. Warhaven will be released this fall for PC. Whether it will come to consoles later remains to be seen.

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Meanwhile, even before its PC release this month, players will also have the opportunity to get started with it, as it has been confirmed that a Warhaven demo will be playable for free during Steam Next Fest, which begins June 19 and runs until June 26.

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