Vivo X90 with Dimensity 9200, tested in GeekBench. The score suggests it’s a very capable phone

The Vivo X90 is due to be announced next week, the first phone to use MediaTek’s Dimensity 9200 chipset. It’s billed as the highest performing chipset on the market at launch, but new benchmark results suggest it won’t be the most powerful for very long. Gekbench test results for the Vivo X90 with this chip are significantly weaker than the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 phones that have leaked online.

Vivo X90, the base model in the series, will integrate a high-performance chipset

Of course, we have to take into account that the tests are conducted on unfinished software and hardware variants that might be at prototype level. Still, the Vivo X90 will debut on November 22, so pretty much everything should be as close as possible to what customers will get when they buy the phone in stores.

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The model tested with GeekBench is listed as the Vivo V2241A, which suggests it’s the “base” model not a Pro model. It’s equipped with 12GB RAM and runs Android 13 out of the box, most likely under the company’s OriginOS interface in the China variant. The results are good, even above what Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 phones can deliver, with a Single-Core score of 1,353 points and Multi-Core of 4,055 points, but below what we’ve previously seen on the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, the processor that will be released very soon.

live geekbench

The Vivo X90 Pro+ also tested with GeekBench scored 1,485 points in the Single-Core and 4,739 points in the Multi-Core test. It will be powered by Qualcomm’s processor and the performance difference, while not major, is visible in the scores.

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Importantly, there will be an alternative to Qualcomm’s chipsets on the market, which could bring top performance at more affordable prices.

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