VIDEO Wednesday returns to Netflix for a second season: what we know, so far, about it

The first season of Wednesday, the masterpiece that comes straight from Tim Burton, tore the internet in two, and for good reason.

The good news is that what was originally thought to be a miniseries turned out to be a full-blown series. Wedneday fans caught on as soon as they completed the first season, the one that ends somewhat “fishtailing”, leaving plenty of room for further story development.

Wednesday was filmed in Romania, but Romanians didn’t appreciate it.

In case you didn’t know, the show was partly filmed in Romania, among the most famous locations being the Cantacuzino Palace in Bușteni and the train station in Sinaia.

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So, every time you pass by such places, you can imagine how Jenna Ortega, Tim Burton or Catherine Zeta Jones spent some time there.

However, the Romanians lost the chance of a second season, since the production team decided to change the location, claiming that they were being ripped off in our country by being charged well above market prices.

Returning to the show, if you’ve been watching the first season with bated breath, a second is “in the works”.

A promotional clip, uploaded to YouTube by Netflix, hints that we’ll be getting a sequel in the future.

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The clip pays homage to fans of the show, but also announces the return with the sentence “more misery is in store for you”.

Jenna Ortega received a Golden Globes nomination for Best Actress, and Wednesday’s series also received a nomination for Best Comedy.

It seems Tim Burton’s recipe worked wonders, with the film being a successful blend of the Harry Potter and Addams Family worlds.

If you’re an avowed Catherine Zeta Jones fan, you’ll find that Morticia doesn’t have much to say in the first season, with all the action focused on Wednesday.

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