VIDEO – The best games of 2022 – Playtech News Bytes 23

Playtech News Bytes has reached episode twenty-three, which is why, once again, we’re drawing attention to the most interesting stories of the past week, in a friendly and easy-to-follow format, especially from your phone screen.

Today we’re talking about the best games released in 2022. First on the list is God of War Ragnarok

This game sold 5.1 million copies in its first week. The adventure of God of War Ragnarok begins shortly after the story of the first game ended. And for those who don’t remember much from then, the sequel gives you the option to watch a recap of what happened right in the main menu. The son of Kratos seeks to find his own place in the world, and the father must help Atreus explore what it means to be the child of a Greek demigod and one of the last giants left in the realms.

Elden Ring is another game that was released this year, and fans say it’s almost perfect

The game is the work of FromSoftware, the Japanese company famous for very difficult games. And this game, in its first week of release, has sold over 6 million copies. The player enters a world destroyed by a cataclysm and must rebuild the ultimate ring to save it. But he has many enemies in his path. The game’s graphics are incredibly beautiful. From ghostly castles to misty swamps, the game has managed to create a world where grief and loneliness reign.

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Horizon Forbidden West is the winner of Best Story at this year’s Golden Joystick Awards

To win in this category, for this game, means the team behind Aloy’s second adventure has emulated that success – Horizon Zero Dawn took the exact same award in 2017. The action takes place in what were once the states of Utah, Colorado and northern Arizona. As for geography, we venture through dense forests, hazard-filled deserts, or up mountains where, if you’re not careful, you can get out of the game quickly.

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A totally unexpected game in this list is Stray

The game in which you step into the skin and fur of a stray cat trying to get back to her friends has captivated a lot of gamers. In addition, Stray received thousands of praises from critics who raved about the change of scenery. Indeed, the action and adrenaline rush can’t compare to those of the earlier mentioned games, but how many times could you press a button to knock a mug off the edge of the table? When have you been given the chance to find out what you would do if you were a cat? Well, all of these experiences have made Stray an extremely beloved game.

Last in the series, but not least, is A Plague Tale, a game that seamlessly blends adventure and history lessons

Visually, the game impresses immediately. Right from the start, the outdoor and indoor scenes are stunning in their light and level of detail. Surrounding environments range from idyllic French villages to dark temples and truly eerie worlds. The game looks fantastic and the atmosphere is incredibly rendered through weather conditions, effects and colour.

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