VIDEO Look Both Ways got a brand new trailer: when you can see the romantic comedy on Netflix

Netflix has released a brand-new trailer for the upcoming romantic comedy film Look Both Ways, starring actress Lili Reinhart, already familiar from Riverdale.

Directed by Kenyan Wanuri Kahiu, Look Both Ways revolves around an aspiring artist named Natalie (Reinhart) whose life, on the eve of college graduation, diverges into parallel realities.

In one, she becomes pregnant and stays in her hometown, while in another, she moves to Los Angeles. Natalie experiences life-changing journeys on both paths as she tries to rediscover herself.The film’s cast also includes actors Luke Wilson, Andrea Savage, Danny Ramirez, David Corenswet, Aisha Dee and Nia Long.

Netflix is kicking the house down and showing you some footage from the upcoming romantic comedy Look Both Ways

Netflix has released a new trailer for Look Both Ways, putting the spotlight on Lili Reinhart as she tries to make meaningful choices in two separate lives. The trailer begins with Natalie preparing for what’s next, asking the question, “Have you ever wondered “What if?”. She then finds herself at a crucial moment in her life when the result of a pregnancy test could decide her future. The story is then split into two, exploring Natalie’s unique life experiences depending on the outcome of the test.

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After achieving stardom with her role as Betty in the TV series straight from Archie Comics Riverdale, Reinhart later appeared in 2019’s Hustlers and most recently in the 2020 romantic drama Chemical Hearts.

The Look Both Ways trailer promises an intriguing take on the genre and will seek to open up a new discussion topic, aiming to preempt other recent films based on the concept such as The Map of Tiny Perfect Things and Palm Springs.

In case we’ve already got your attention, know that this film debuts on Netflix on August 17.

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