VanMoof is bought by the McLaren subsidiary

Jump for joy at VanMoof?  (Image: VanMoof)

Jump for joy at VanMoof? (Image: VanMoof)

The e-bike brand VanMoof, which was recently struggling with financial problems, is now being rescued after all.

Lavoie, a subsidiary of McLaren Applied, has announced it will take over the bankrupt company. This move is intended to bring stability to VanMoof’s business, and the two companies plan to combine their capabilities to create a leading premium e-mobility offering.

VanMoof recently made headlines when they announced that they would close various branches. Many orders were no longer processed despite completed payment.

Last minute rescue

VanMoof has faced significant financial challenges in recent years. The company had suffered heavy losses and millions of dollars in debt.

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At the time of bankruptcy, VanMoof had accumulated €143.8 million in debt to financiers, suppliers and tax authorities. This takeover by Lavoie could save the brand from the final end.

»With the next generation of e-bikes, intelligent technology, innovative design and a loyal customer base, VanMoof and Lavoie are a perfect match«

– Eliott Wertheimer, CEO of Lavoie

VanMoof is being turned inside out

The company will ditch its retail model and instead rely on third-party retailers to sell and service bikes. That means the branches will remain closed.

One of around 200,000 VonMoof e-bikes sold.  (Image: VanMoof)

One of around 200,000 VonMoof e-bikes sold. (Image: VanMoof)

Many employees will also have to leave, but some key employees may be retained. The founders and brothers Ties and Taco Carlier leave the company. It is not yet clear whether they will take on an advisory role.

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Still questions? However!

There are still many unanswered questions, including the future of existing warranties, the delivery of bikes on hold and the realization of new models. Developments in this exciting story continue to be exciting and we will keep you updated.

Luckily, we can answer one of the most important questions for you: how do VanMoof bikes actually ride?

Colleague Dennis took a look at two of the most popular e-bikes and compared them:

VanMoof S5 vs. Cowboy4: I’ve test-ridden the two hottest e-bikes – this is my favourite

Have you ever had a VanMoof under your butt? Or better asked: Have you ever tried an e-bike? How did you like it and why? Are you happy about the rescue from the McLaren subsidiary? Are you one of the unfortunate people who are stuck with the costs? Write us your opinion and experiences in the comments below!

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