Valve to release new Steam Deck models in the future

Steam Deck, Valve’s first handheld gaming device, is enjoying huge success in the market, with the company having struggled to ship enough devices since its February launch due to over-orders. However, it seems that this is just its first step into this area of portable PCs, with the plan being for Steam Deck to become a full-fledged product line. Several Valve representatives have already confirmed that there are plans for future generations.

Steam Deck lineup to continue

In an interview with Japanese magazine Famitsu, Greg Coomer and Pierre-Loup Griffais, members of the Steam Deck development team revealed some of the future plans for Valve’s Steam Deck devices:

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“Unless something major intervenes, there will be a new generation of Steam Deck products in the future. The theme, size and shape will change and it could become a streaming device. Steam Deck development will continue.”,said Coomer.

This suggests, however, that not all future Steam Deck devices will be equally powerful in hardware terms. A streaming console (similar to what Logitech is proposing) might be significantly less powerful for running games locally, but could offer better battery life. In fact, autonomy is the aspect Valve is most keen to improve:

“As mentioned, autonomy is at the top of the list of improvements. I think the current Steam Deck model is moving in the right direction in terms of functionality and compatibility. We’re always listening to feedback.”, says Griffais.

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Several software updates have already been released that improve Steam Deck’s battery life, and the company wants to develop new features that allow users to better control their power consumption on the device.

Given, however, that those who have already ordered the Steam Deck still have delivery deadlines until the end of this year, there’s little chance that a Generation 2 will be announced in the very near future.

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