Upcoming Sifu movie will feature John Wick creator: what we know, so far, about it

Good news: John Wick creator Derek Kolstad is working on yet another adaptation that, from what we’ve learned so far, could be just as successful once it hits the big screens.

Obviously, the upcoming adaptation will also come from the video game sphere. Immediately after the news broke that he would be writing and producing a Streets of Rage movie, it emerged that Kolstad was taking on the same duties, including a live-action film based on Sifu. So if you’re a fan of this title, you have real reason to rejoice.

Kolstad and his partners at media company Story Kitchen have teamed up with developer and publisher Sifu Sloclap, according to Deadline.

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Beat-’em-up proved a hit when it was released in February, and for a very simple reason: it sold a million copies in just three weeks, despite the fact that Elden Ring and Horizon Forbidden West arrived at about the same time on the market.

Sifu could metamorphose into an excellent movie script

What makes Sifu stand out, with so much competition around him, is that every time the protagonist dies, seeking revenge, he ages, but his enemies remain the same age.

It’s precisely this small premise that can make for an excellent film, and on the basis of it a truly extraordinary script can be constructed.

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Obviously, it remains to be seen how Sifu will metamorphose from game to film and, perhaps most importantly, who will play the leads. To attract attention, the cast will have to be one that “says” something to the audience.

Still, the upcoming Sifu movie has the ingredients to become a future hit, but that’s only if the team behind the production plays its cards right and exploits the advantages it already has.

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