Genshin Impact arrives with new character trailer – That’s Gaming

miHoYo’s Honkai: Star Rail is doing very well after its recent release, but Genshin Impact players still have a lot to look forward to. Following the launch of Version 3.6, a new four-star character will be joining the game next week. Check out the latest trailer focusing on the architect Kaveh.

Kaveh is a Dendro user and prefers to fight with a Claymore. An honorary student of Sumeru Akademiya, he designed the Palace of Alcazarzaray. Unfortunately, despite his architectural skills, he fell heavily into debt after creating the palace (he mysteriously financed the entire operation). He currently lives with the more serious Alhaitham, but neither is happy with the arrangement.

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Although his full skills are described in the following trailers, Kaveh uses a mysterious book for his Elemental Burst. Stay tuned for more details on this in the coming days. Genshin Impact is available for PS4 (with support for PS5), iOS, Android and PC.

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