Unity Asset Store goes Web3 with Tezos, Solana, Aptos…

The marketplace of the famous Unity game engine now includes blockchain development solutions compatible with Tezos, Algorand, Solana, Aptos or again Flow.

This week, Unity Asset Storethe marketplace for the cross-platform game engine developed by Unity Technologieshas unveiled a new category named ” decentralization “and including various blockchain development solutions “verified”.

This dedicated page on the Asset Store will help interested developers find verified solutions to manage digital assets, implement smart contracts, leverage blockchain networks…,” Unity said in a statement.

The category Web3 of the marketplace ofUnity today features a dozen solutions including development kits (SDK) of several major networks such as Algorand, Aptos, Flow, Solana or Tezos but also products designed by the studio Ethereum ConsenSys with Infura, Metamask or Truffle.

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“Due to the complexity of the technology, all decentralization solutions on Unity Asset Store are verified solutions. This means they are held to a high standard of quality, reliability and more,” says Unity.

Several selected blockchain networks have congratulated of the news.

“Game lovers! Aptos just won a major victory for game development on Unity […] We have launched the Aptos SDK, a game development tool stack that enables interoperability and transparency in games. Aptos joins 13 leading blockchain companies in providing Unity-verified assets,” Aptos Labs wrote in a blog post.

“Unity has announced an asset store category for verified decentralized technologies in games, including the Solana SDK for Unity by Magicblock . The Solana games are already at the next level – and now they can go even further, tweeted Solana Foundation.

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