Unique home device with remote control available soon

Lidl will be selling a very interesting lighting device next week under its own Livarno Home brand. An LED ceiling light with remote control will be available in stores.

The device turns on automatically when a person enters the sensor range. It has a range of 5 metres. The ceiling light can provide cool or warm light in the colour temperature range 3,000 K – 6,500 K.

The luminaire has zones, outside and inside, with decorative light that can be optionally activated. Blue, green or red can be displayed there.


The maximum luminous flux offered by the LED ceiling light is 2,400 lumens. The device can be controlled via the dedicated remote control. The product is not smart.

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The ceiling light will be available in two versions, 44.5 x 44.5 x 6 cm and 100 x 25 x 6 cm, for 229 lei from Thursday 29 September.

Lidl will offer a 3-year guarantee on this product. The LEDs included in the device cannot be replaced.

Photo: Lidl.ro


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