Unexpected discovery made in the stomach of a cramping patient

A team of doctors in Egypt extracted a phone from a patient’s stomach. The man had apparently swallowed the device several months ago.

The phone gave the patient an infection. He underwent emergency surgery at Aswan Univeristy Hospital after doctors noticed a foreign body in his stomach on X-ray. To their surprise it was a mobile phone.

Phone extracted by doctors in Egypt.

Patient’s condition is good after surgery. We don’t know what caused the man to swallow the mobile device.

Electronics are frequently discovered in human bodies

The incident in Egypt occurred just a month after a man in Kosovo swallowed a Nokia 3310 clone. In that case doctors removed the device using an endoscope. The phone was cut into three pieces and taken out through the mouth.

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These incidents are not are. Doctors in India’s Assam state discovered a phone charging cable in the bladder of a man suffering from stomach pains.

“The patient came to us with severe pain in his abdomen and told us he had accidentally swallowed a phone cable,” said doctor Walliul Islam. The doctor added that the patient was given an endoscopy, but the cable was not found in his stomach. The cable was inserted through the urethra.

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