UN Security Council condemns escalation of violence in Iraq

Members of the United Nations Security Council on Thursday condemned the violence in Iraq between 29 and 30 August, and expressed their concern for those killed and wounded.

“The members of the Security Council have condemned the violence in Iraq on August 29-30 and expressed their deep concern at the reported deaths and injuries. They have taken note of the efforts of the Iraqi government to restore order,” wields a communiqué shared by Security Council President Nicolas de Rivière.

The Security Council has “strongly urged” all parties and actors to engage, “without further delay, in a peaceful and constructive dialogue to advance reforms and chart a constructive way forward.”

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More than 30 people have been killed since Monday by mobilizations of Al Sadr supporters, after he announced his decision to officially retire from politics.

The Prime Minister, Mostafa al Kazemi, has promised that his government will investigate the deaths, which includes identifying who opened fire during the protests and for what reasons.

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