UN denounces that the abuse of pesticides in Paraguay “is poisoning the country”.

The United Nations Special Rapporteur on Toxic Substances and Human Rights, Marcos A. Orellana, denounced this Friday that the “excessive use” of toxic agro-chemicals in Paraguay “is poisoning the country” and affecting the life and health of its citizens, since pesticide control laws are not being complied with.

After visiting the country, Orella has warned of the consequences of the agro-industrial production model favored by the Paraguayan state. The international observer understands that its use has victimized peasant communities by the incessant increase of aerial and ground spraying of dangerous pesticides.

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In addition, he stressed that pesticides are one of the main challenges facing the South American country not only in environmental matters, but also in the field of human rights, for which he recalled that their use is not necessary to bring forward quality crops.

“I would like to stress, as several special rapporteurs have repeatedly done, that it is a myth that pesticides are necessary to feed the world. It is worrying to see the undue influence of corporations on public policy on pesticides in Paraguay,” the expert said in a statement.

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Orella also highlighted that the concentration of land in a few hands and the consequent exclusion of large segments of the population has aggravated the situation the country is going through.

He has also called on the State to ratify the Escazú Agreement on environmental rights and to apply the stipulations of the Human Rights Committee’s rulings on the cases of Campo Agua’e and Colonia Yerutí.

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