Ukraine-Russia war : Energoatom denounces Russian attack near nuclear power plant in the South

Sep 15 (EDITIONS) –

Follow here the latest news on the war between Ukraine and Russia since last February 24 President Vladimir Putin gave the invasion order. This live broadcast has been active since September 14.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces said Wednesday that the Russian Army is suffering “significant damage on a daily basis” amid counter-offensives launched by Ukrainian forces in several regions of the country, before adding that 350 Russian servicemen have been killed in combat over the past 24 hours.

Meanwhile, the Kremlin has asserted that the security guarantees demanded by Ukraine as a preliminary step to finding a negotiated solution to the war pose “a threat” to Russia’s security, which is why it has defended the need to maintain the military offensive against the European country.

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Check here for the latest news on the war between Ukraine and Russia.

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