Ukraine assures that its troops manage to “contain” the enemy and speaks of a “successful counteroffensive” in some areas

Ukrainian Defense Minister Alexei Reznikov.

Ukrainian Defense Minister Alexei Reznikov. – -/Ukrinform/dpa

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The Army confirms that the main efforts of the Russian troops “are focused on surrounding Kiev”

Reznikov highlights that clashes continue in Sumy and Chernigov in an attempt to protect Kiev


The Minister of Defense of Ukraine, Oleksiy Reznikov, assured this Friday that the Ukrainian troops have managed to “stop the advance” of the “enemy” Army in most of the areas where fighting has been registered and has highlighted that there has been a “counteroffensive successful” in various regions.

In a message to the nation, the minister has indicated that the main objective right now is to “resist”, according to information from the UNIAN news agency. Thus, he has specified that the Ukrainian forces have been “more than 196 hours facing the Russian invaders” and has insisted that a “great concentration” is necessary.

“Our defenders have contained the enemy in a large part of the directions. In some, the Armed Forces have successfully carried out counteroffensive operations,” he asserted, although he warned that “difficult” decisions had to be made in recent days. .

Likewise, he specified that the situation is “complex” especially in the south of the country, where the “enemy has been bombing the Zaporizhia nuclear plant”, although “people’s spirits are difficult to shake”.

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In this sense, he stressed that Kharkiv “remains an insurmountable fortress.” “All Ukrainians look at the Russian bombing with pain, but now all of Europe knows that Kharkiv is not only an intellectual and industrial center but also a proud city with brave citizens,” she stressed.

In addition, he has clarified that the clashes continue in the Sumy and Chernigov regions, which has prevented Kiev, the capital, from being besieged. “As long as the government and the army are not violated, the enemy has no options. In the east and south, everywhere, the Ukrainian people are standing up to the enemy and bringing victory ever closer.” has asserted.

“The destroyed Russian armored vehicles should already be counted not by units but by battalions and brigades. Almost more tanks and armored vehicles have been given to the Armed Forces as trophies than received in the last 8 years from the Ukrainian defense industry “, has held.

However, he has admitted that the Ukrainian forces are also suffering losses: “practically every today there are news about invaders killing Ukrainian civilians and soldiers.” “They fight like cyborgs, but there is a heart in their chests. Each one will be honored as a hero,” he stressed.

For him, in recent days “very difficult” decisions have had to be made, but he has emphasized that Ukraine “will recover all its territory”, and has said that he understands those who are “exhausted”.


The Ukrainian authorities have indicated that the main efforts of the Russian troops are aimed at surrounding Kiev and weakening the resistance. In this regard, he stated that the Ukrainian forces have “exhausted most of their operational reserves”, so preparations have begun for the “transfer of additional forces and resources from the southern and eastern military districts”.

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In the direction of Volhynia, Russian troops have had to launch defense operations, although attacks are expected in the border area in an “attempt to involve Belarusian forces in the war against Ukraine,” the minister explained.

The Ukrainian forces, on the other hand, have managed to stop the Russian Army in the Makarov area and have had to withdraw from the airspace over Bucha and Hostomel, although the Mariupol area is surrounded.

On the other hand, Ukraine has stressed that “the movement of a large number of motor vehicles from the temporarily occupied territory of Crimea is observed” and has stressed that “in the Black Sea the naval group of the Russian invaders has withdrawn from the naval bases with the task of attacking the Ukrainian ground forces”.

“At the same time, the enemy continues to prepare for the landing of marines in Zatoka. The groups are covered by a detachment of fire support boats and a strike group of missile boats,” the Army has detailed.

In this regard, in order to “suppress the anti-aircraft defense system” of Ukraine on the Black Sea coast, the participation of RBC-500 model bombers and cluster bombs was noted. “In all directions, the enemy has losses. The unmotivated occupiers surrender and throw equipment. These trophies help defeat the Russian invaders,” he said.

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