Ukraine accuses Russian troops of kidnapping activist and director of Kherson regional theater

Two soldiers walk down a hillside, on March 2, 2022, in kyiv, Ukraine.

Two soldiers walk down a hillside, on March 2, 2022, in kyiv, Ukraine. – Diego Herrera – Europe Press

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The Ukrainian authorities have accused Russian troops on Wednesday of kidnapping the activist and director of the Kherson regional theater, Oleksander Kniha, when he was in the town of Oleshki.

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The Ukrainian Parliament, which has confirmed the information on its Telegram channel, has indicated that the kidnapping would have occurred after a series of raids by the Russian Army in the theater.

Thus, he has accused Russia of continuing to “terrorize the population of the occupied territories”, although he has pointed out that they are “incapable of establishing their power”. “That is why they resort to the arrest of influential personalities in the region and throughout the country,” warned the Verkhovna Rada.

Since early March, shortly after the invasion began, Russian forces have temporarily controlled Kherson and its surroundings. Since then, local residents have taken to the streets to demonstrate in favor of the Ukrainian government.

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