Ubisoft organizes a free NFT mint on ETH for Champions Tactics

Ubisoft to launch a mint from NFT on Ethereum for its game web3 Champions Tactics. 8000 Warlords “will be offered free of charge next week.

Monday, December 18th, Ubisoft will proceed to a mint for NFT Warlords of its blockchain game Champions Tactics.

Minted on Ethereum, Warlords tokens are presented as digital collectibles serving as in-game profile pictures (PFPs) and offering early access to the upcoming mint of playable characters, called “Champions”.

8,000 Warlords will be offered free of charge on Monday through a private and then public mint. However, players will have to pay the gas fees levied by the Ethereum blockchain to mint their NFT.

A total of 9999 Warlords will be created. “999 random tokens will be kept in a Market Vault by Ubisoft for future gifts, partnerships and rewards. 1,000 random Warlords will be given to our partner Oasys for their community,” reads the official game website.

Unveiled this summer and based on the Oasys blockchain, Champions Tactics Grimoria Chronicles is an “experimental game” of the tactical RPG type, due for release on PC in 2024.

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Last month, Ubisoft forged an alliance with blockchain startup Immutable. The aim: to unleash the potential of Web3 in gaming.

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