Twitter no longer displays new posts in chronological order. How the new algorithmic mode works

As with Facebook, posts in the Twitter timeline are now displayed according to the priority set by the platform’s algorithms. Users can still access the chronological mode, but they will have to do this every time they start the mobile application, Twitter selecting each time the algorithmic display of tweets.

The decision by Twitter to use algorithmic suggestions by default instead of the latest tweets could be aimed at better control over misinformation, ensuring that new tweets become visible to most users and receive a real chance of viralization only after they are received. “Green light” from the platform’s automatic filters. Twitter now displays two tabs at the top of the app, both for the main timeline and for the most recent Tweets. Thus, users who want instant emphasis on what’s new can do so by switching to the new tab with recent posts, while the rest of the users receive the “optimized” version of the Twitter timeline.

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In the end, the change could be beneficial for everyone, with the Home tab with algorithmic organization helping users catch up on tweets that might be important to them, even if they missed the post when it appeared on the feed. of recent tweets.

The new version of Timeline is first available in the iOS version of the Twitter application, and will be activated for Android users, respectively, from the web interface of the microblogging platform

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