Twitter: Elon Musk will have to pay the $44 billion, the story goes wrong for the Tesla boss

The legal tug-of-war between Elon Musk and social media giant Twitter is heating up. The world’s richest man recently cited whistleblower Peiter Zatko’s complaint about bot data to stop the $44 billion buyout deal.

Is Elon Musk’s BOT data wrong?

According to reports, Twitter is now claiming that Elon Musk’s data scientists are unable to substantiate the bot claims. Earlier, the Tesla chief had claimed that Twitter had submitted false data about bots. The number of fake accounts operating on Twitter is much higher than the company estimates.

However, this development comes before the trial that will begin in October. Charles Gasparinoa reporter for Fox, reported that the court will rule in favor of Twitter.

He mentioned that the Arbs are not convinced by the whistleblowers’ claims about BOTs. They are not sure whether this will help Elon Musk get a judgment in his favor.

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What does Twitter claim?

According to reports, Twitter’s lawyers said in a Delaware court that documents they received during discovery showed that two different consultants were hired by Elon Musk. Cyabra and CounterAction gave an estimate of the amount of spam on the platform.

They reported that there was about 11% and 5%, respectively, of spam on Twitter. However, it is claimed that the reports were given to Elon Musk only a day before he made plans to terminate. Meanwhile, twitter criticizes the methodologies of both consultants.

In order to get a clearer picture, Twitter has asked the court to force Elon Musk to disclose more details about the data scientists’ reports. Lawyers say he has engaged in a pattern of delay and obstruction over the past two months. However, Musk’s lawyers deny this claim.

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However, Twitter has asked the court to impose sanctions on Elon Musk for his misconduct in not producing the Signal messages.

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