Tunisian justice reinstated some 50 judges removed by the president

Tunisia’s Administrative Court has reinstated in their respective posts some 50 judges expelled by a decree of the president, Kais Saied, whom his detractors have accused of abusing his authority to try to control the judicial system at all costs.

Lawyer Kamel Ben Mesaud has confirmed in declarations to the radio station Mosaique FM that the Justice has admitted the appeals of half a hundred magistrates, although not of the totality of those who tried to reverse the measure adopted by Saied.

The president indicted in June about 60 judges whom he accuses of being involved in corruption cases and even of giving protection to terrorist suspects, as part of the measures taken since he dissolved the government in July 2021 and suspended the parliament to arrogate to himself all powers.

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The Tunisian leader, who had previously replaced the Supreme Judicial Council, has promised that elections will be held in December this year, already with the new Constitution endorsed in July in a referendum marked by widespread abstention.

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