Diablo 4 player will need about 150+ hours to reach level 100 – That’s Gaming

Blizzard Entertainment has revealed a lot about Diablo 4 leading up to its June release. While the variety of builds and details about the end-game sound good, some slightly contradictory information has appeared.

Look at the respec cost issue, for example, with Diablo series GM Rod Fergusson first saying it would be “too expensive to revert everything,” and later saying it would not be prohibitively expensive. Associate game director Joseph Piepiora later clarified that it would be “a little expensive.” He has since clarified that reaching level 100 will take more than 150 hours for the “average player experience.”

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It is unknown if this refers to someone experiencing all the content without rushing. Previously, Piepiora said it would take about 80 hours to complete the seasonal Battle Pass and that reaching level 100 “may take a little longer” depending on “how you play.” Almost twice as much play time certainly doesn’t sound like something that will take a little longer.

Regardless, if this is the final number, even those who have no interest in future updates can expect a comprehensive experience at launch. Diablo 4 comes out June 6 for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5 and PC.

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