Truss defends UK economic plan despite criticism and avoids backtracking

British Prime Minister Liz Truss on Thursday defended her economic plan for the United Kingdom despite criticism and ruled out backtracking on what she considers a good initiative to tackle inflation and boost economic growth.

In his first comments on the economic plan, which represents the biggest tax cut in the country in 50 years but which has caused the pound to fall, Truss defended the measures and insisted that it is an “urgent action that was necessary” in the current context.

However, he said he understood that the government’s decision could be “controversial,” telling the BBC television network. “We need to take urgent action to get our economy growing and the UK dealing with inflation,” he said.

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“Of course that means taking controversial and difficult decisions, but I am prepared to do that as prime minister because it is important to me to get the economy moving. We will make sure that people are able to get through the winter and we are prepared to do whatever it takes to do that,” she stressed.

The move has prompted the Bank of England to decide to intervene in the financial markets on an emergency basis to prevent the pound from falling.

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