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Trump’s former chief of staff complies with his subpoena to the Justice Department.


Former White House Chief of Staff during the Trump Administration, Mark Meadows, has complied with the Justice Department’s investigative subpoena on the assault on the Capitol, thus becoming the highest-ranking official of the Trump era to respond to a summons from the judicial body.

Meadows has turned over the same materials he provided last year to the House committee charged with investigating the assault on the U.S. Capitol, fulfilling the obligations of the Justice Department subpoena, as others subpoenaed have not, CNN has reported.

In 2021, Meadows turned over thousands of text messages and emails to the House committee. The texts he turned over provided a window into his White House dealings, though he withheld hundreds of messages, citing alleged “executive privilege.”

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All in all, in addition to Trump’s former chief of staff, one of Meadows’ top White House deputies, Ben Williamson, also recently received a subpoena from the State Department, sources close to the former presidential adviser have told the aforementioned network.

Meadows’ compliance with the subpoena comes at a time when the Justice Department has stepped up its investigation related to the Capitol assault.

Federal investigators have issued at least 30 subpoenas to people with connections to Trump, including senior officials from his fundraising operation and his 2016 campaign.

As White House chief of staff, Meadows worked with Trump on efforts to overturn the 2020 election, communicating with a large number of officials who sought some scheme to try to overturn the election.

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He also shared unsubstantiated conspiracy theories about Justice Department leaders when Trump tried to enlist the agency’s help in his attempt to claim the election was stolen from him.

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