Trump returns to Facebook two years after suspension

Already unblocked on Twitter at the behest of Elon Musk, Donald Trump will also return to social media platforms at Meta. The former US president has been blocked on most major social media networks following his support for the attacks on the Capitol building in Washington DC in January 2021. The unblocking of the accounts is not surprising, however, given that Facebook announced at the time that it would review the situation after two years to decide whether to allow Trump back on the platform.

Facebook and Instagram will reactivate Donald Trump’s accounts

According to an official announcement from Meta, written by nick Clegg, president of the “global business” division, in the next few weeks, Donald Trump’s accounts will be unblocked from the Facebook and Instagram platforms. He will be able to continue his activity on social media, but new safeguards have been put in place to prevent repeated offenses of the kind that led to his suspension.

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One of the reasons Trump is unblocked is that he plans to run for president again. Thus, the public should be able to get information from all sides of the race, so blocking Joe Biden’s biggest opponent, the current president, would create problems in the election process.

However, Trump must still abide by Facebook’s rules, and given past activity that led to his suspension, his accounts are more susceptible to possible penalties in the future. Penalties will include deletion of non-compliant content and suspensions ranging from one month to two more years, depending on the severity of the offenses.

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Clegg also says he is aware that this decision will certainly be criticised and that many people will disagree, but the decision was made through a committee that ensures the content moderation process runs smoothly, which takes the company’s values into account in such decisions.

source: meta

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