Toyota claims to have made a significant leap in EV battery technology -.

The auto industry is becoming increasingly electric, there’s no denying that. But one hurdle EVs have yet to overcome is how to make batteries last longer and charge faster, something Toyota now claims to have made a significant leap forward.

As The Guardian reports, Toyota is claimed to have made an advance in solid-state battery technology, an improvement that will allow Toyota cars powered by these batteries to travel hundreds of miles farther than current EV battery technology, while charging much faster.

The solid-state batteries would also be lighter, smaller and cheaper than the liquid-state and current EV batteries on the market, making this look like a home run by Toyota. As for when we will see these batteries in cars, Toyota promises they will be rolled out as early as 2025, and as for the actual range and charging time these batteries could offer, a range of 1,200 km (745 miles) and 10 minutes of charging time was mentioned.

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Toyota claims significant leap in EV battery technology

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