Aircraft maker Embraer wants to build electric flying cabs -.

The future of transportation is undoubtedly electric, but is it in the air? Brazilian aircraft maker Embraer seems to think so, as it has now begun plans to make eVTOLs, or electric flying cabs, that can carry up to six passengers at a time.

Embraer will make the aircraft as part of its Eve subsidiary, with Eve reportedly already having received an order for 2,770 of the cabs, all of which are expected to be built in a new factory to be built outside Sao Paulo, Brazil.

In terms of the price of a ride in one of these flying cabs, Eve claims that a trip will cost somewhere between $50-100 per person, meaning it probably won’t set you back much more than Uber trips in some “leading” cities around the world.

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The timeline for flying cabs also claims that they will be released as early as 2025, but that commercialization of their services will not begin until 2026.

Aircraft maker Embraer wants to build electric flying cabs

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