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Now that Diablo IV is live, get ready for an extraordinary gaming experience as we dive into Sanctuary.

Joseph Piepiora, Associate Game Director, and John Mueller, Art Director, have shared five indispensable tips that will not only enhance your gameplay, but also the hidden wonders hidden in the dark corners of Diablo IV. From quick Class selection to unleashing your true potential, let us guide you on a fascinating journey through the depths.

Quick Class selection by the campfire: Seize fate with confidence as you sit around the flickering flames of the campfire, facing a tough and difficult choice. For your first character, you must trust your instincts and quickly decide which Class fantasy you are most likely to go with. When you glance at the class listings, resist the temptation to dwell too much on every detail and focus on what excites you most. Embrace your adventurous spirit, conquer your destiny and embark on an exciting path without intelligence. You can always create new characters and try out all classes.

Embrace the art of exploration: Sanctuary is a vast world with blood-soaked battlefields, ominous forests, rotten swamps and much more. Take your time and explore the dark world of Diablo IV to find hidden secrets or do side quests to understand the struggles that the inhabitants of Sanctuary face every day. The world of Diablo IV is a tapestry of awe-inspiring beauty and harrowing danger. Enjoy the journey and let your career guide you. Venture off the beaten path, discover hidden treasures and bask in the glory of unknown lands. From long forgotten ruins to treacherous caverns, Diablo IV’s campaign is a playground for the intrepid explorer.

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The power of the campaign for new players: Immerse yourself in an epic story – for those new to the Diablo series, the campaign is a brand new story set 50 years after the previous game. Even though this is the fourth game in the main series, you don’t need to have played the previous Diablo games. The story is told from the perspective of your character, who becomes embroiled in a completely unique story with new characters and new villains. Each twist reveals a dark secret, tantalizing your imagination and whetting your thirst for adventure. Investing time in the campaign is not only worthwhile, but also provides a fundamental foundation for a long gaming experience.

Let your style run wild with the Wardrobe: Diablo IV’s fashion-first approach to gear and clothing will fascinate you. The Wardrobe is a gateway to a range of breathtaking appearances and offers limitless opportunities to customize your clothing to the passenger. As you hunt for epic gear to enhance your strength, take time to experiment with the myriad visual combinations of your unique personality. From hardened warriors in imposing armor to essential wizards adorned with elegant robes: Diablo IV allows you to express yourself like never before.

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Recreate your skills, redefine your gameplay: Embrace independent movement in the dark realm of Diablo IV; no one play style is supreme. Embrace the ever-changing nature of collision. Master a set of skills that suit your preferred passenger so you can unleash devastating attack on your opponents. But don’t let familiarity lead to complacency. The true champions of Diablo IV dare to explore their limits and rediscover their skills to explore new and exciting strategies. With the ability to change your choices at any time, enjoy the thrill of uncertainty, redefine gameplay and unleash your untapped potential.

Armed with this additional expansion from the developers of Diablo IV, you are ready to achieve the sinister forces that lurk in this captivating world.

Diablo IV is now live on PC via, Xbox and PlayStation.

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