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Top 10 movies and series on HBO Max: The Matrix Resurrections and Finding Nemo, among the favorites of Romanians


The HBO Max streaming service was also launched in Romania last week. As expected, Romanians have already begun to make abominations and, moreover, to have preferences, in terms of movies and series available online, within the service.

According to an analysis made by justwatch.com, in the last week Romanians have preferred, rather, certain movies and series, to the detriment of others, as we will be able to see in the following.

Top 10 HBO Max Movies

In first place was, according to the HBO Max chart, made by the aforementioned source, “The Matrix Resurrections”, closely followed by “Small Things”.

The third place is occupied by the film “Passengers”, while the fourth place goes to the absolute success in cinemas and the Oscar nominee, “Dune”.

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In fifth place is the production of “Asia”, followed by “A Star Has Been Born” and “Hitman’s Wife 2: The Assassin’s Wife”.

The absolute surprise is in eighth place. Although we are talking about a 2003 animated film, “In Search of Nemo” still seems to attract a large number of viewers, including in our country.

The ninth place is occupied by “Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle”, and on ten we find the production “Mother!”.

The most watched series, in the first week of the streaming channel, in Romania

The most watched series in the last week was, without a doubt, “My Brilliant Girlfriend”, followed by “The Experiences of an Escort”.

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The fourth place is occupied by a Romanian series, called “Ruxx”, immediately after it, in the preferences of the Romanian public, being Ridley Scott’s SF, “Raised by Wolves” (“Raised by Wolves”).

Sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth and tenth places are occupied by “Legacies”, “Superman and Lois”, “City on a Hill”, “Let the Adventure Begin” and “The Walking Dead: Zombie Invasion”.

It remains to be seen how this top will evolve in the future, and especially if HBO Max will manage to “beat” Netflix in our country, since the aforementioned giant has, at this moment, priority.

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